4 Amorous Activities for a Romantic Pacific Northwest Getaway

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The Pacific Northwest provides charming backdrops for lovers who want to escape the metropolis and simply reconnect. From majestic mountains to quaint neighborhoods, the postcard-perfect area has various things to do all year round for couples.

Cascade Mountain Range for Thrill Seekers

This vast range of forested mountains has three regions that offer exceptional activities for adventure seekers. The best part is that pros aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the accessible mountain ranges. North Cascades National Park in Washington state has hundreds of valleys, marshes, lakes, and ponds. Honeymooners flock here for recreational activities like camping, hiking, bicycling, and fishing. During winter, the North Cascades transform to a breathtaking skiing destination. Marvel at the snow-capped peaks while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa with your partner.

Leavenworth for Fairytale Aficionados

Image via Flickr by Jasperdo

Known as “Little Bavaria,” this village gives visitors a multi-sensory experience of Germany without purchasing tickets to Europe. Modeled after an Alpine village, everything in Leavenworth, Washington, resembles places in the beloved story books of children. There are half-terraced houses, unique specialty shops, and stunning amphitheaters with Icicle Ridge as their backgrounds. There is even a nutcracker museum that houses more than 6,000 nutcrackers that date back to Roman times.

Prior to planning a romantic Pacific Northwest getaway, it’s best to check the schedule of celebrations in Leavenworth. Each season brings a different kind of festivity. One famous Leavenworth festival is Oktoberfest, which is ideal for ale-loving couples.

Wineries for Lovers of Fine Things in Life

The Pacific Northwest is not only home to pristine scenery, but also sprawling vineyards that produce artisanal wines. The De Vine Vineyards is deemed as the most romantic winery of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Many couples choose to get married here. Another winery that exudes romance is the Eagle Creek in Leavenworth. As the oldest boutique winery in the area, lovers can explore Eagle Creek’s rich heritage while indulging in cheese and wine.

For discerning foodies, the Pacific Northwest has an extensive array of restaurants. From upscale dining places to farm-to-table boutiques, couples can satiate their cravings and bask in mesmerizing views.

Seaplanes for Nature Admirers

For those who aspire to get around Pacific Northwest’s idyllic islands but do not have the luxury of time, seaplanes will come handy. There are local businesses that offer tailored sightseeing itineraries involving seaplanes. Even if it’s costly, it isn’t every day that lovers get to enjoy an intimate and extraordinary ride. If riding a seaplane is not an option, couples can instead get behind the wheel and choose from these scenic road trips.

A cozy accommodation is a major contributing factor to an unforgettable Pacific Northwest getaway. To complete the experience, it’s best to look for hotels that have stellar natural views as well as amenities like couple’s suites, spas, fireplaces, and balconies. Upon booking, one can contact the hotel and make special requests such as a welcome bouquet, a plate of chocolates, or a simple heartfelt sign in the room. These details might seem trivial, but they can make a lovers’ vacation more special.


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