5 Tips for an Atlanta Staycation

There are two major reasons why staycations are more popular now than ever. The first is the financial consideration. The second is avoiding the hassle that inevitably comes with booking a few weeks in a faraway location. But a vacation that only takes you a couple of hours drive away from your own four walls has lots of other benefits too.

Plus, what better way to explore and discover all the city has to offer by basing your staycation in a convenient and comfortable hotel that is close to the action? You won’t have to worry about getting home every night, and you can enjoy your well-earned time away in a chilled and relaxed atmosphere where you can recharge your batteries and wake up feeling fresh, energized, and ready to get right back out there.

Time to Learn and Discover

Taking a short break to behave like a tourist in your own hometown is a great way to reconnect with the local community, and to discover attractions and features you might never have known existed. Atlanta is living, vibrant proof that a staycation can be just as much fun as a holiday in a far-flung resort. The city offers so much to see and do that even if you have lived there most of your life you can still be amazed at what you might find. It’s all right there on your doorstep.

From parks and zoos to museums and galleries, plus the excellent selection of bars and restaurants, Atlanta has more than enough to satisfy excitement seekers while providing ample opportunities for those who simply need to hang out and chill for a while. And just to make planning your leisure itinerary a little easier, here are our top five tips for an Atlanta staycation.

1. Atlanta History Center

Image via Flickr by martinaroell

If you’re the explorer type, then the Atlanta History Center is the perfect place to begin your city staycation. With award-winning exhibitions, picture-perfect gardens, historic buildings, and a whole bunch of interactive projects, you’re sure to enjoy the year-round activities geared for the whole family.

2. Kennesaw Mountain

This almost 3,000-acre National Battlefield Park isn’t just a historical site. Kennesaw Mountain provides breathtaking views in a setting of lush green fields and outstanding natural beauty.

3. Woodruff Park

A true “people’s park,” Woodruff Park has programs and special events that bring thousands of visitors every year. Woodruff Park provides sporting and hobby opportunities for people of all ages across six acres of beautifully manicured lawns.

4. Six Flags Over Georgia

At Six Flags you’ll find everything you need for thrills, spills and fun family entertainment. Enjoy exciting rides, a water park, food and dining, shopping, and a whole host of special events.

5. Sun Dial Restaurant

With renowned chefs and spectacular views, the restaurant and bar of the Sun Dial are over 720 feet above ground and offer stunning 360 views of Atlanta’s skyline, gorgeous sunsets included.

Of course, Atlanta has a whole lot more than just our five suggestions. But seriously, with all those venues, sights, events and attractions, nobody could ever deny that Atlanta really does have a lot of fun things going on.