Vacation At Hanging Rock

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Another engaging place to visit in the Macedon Ranges is Hanging Rock and with Campervan Hire Australia, dropping in for a visit is easy. Hanging Rock is so named for it’s engaging shape, but is otherwise called Mt. Diogenes and is a component of a recreation reserve now managed by Local Government. It is a extremely popular picnic spot for locals and visitors alike, as well as being the focus of the 1975 Australian motion picture classic, ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock ‘ when a grouping of schoolgirls went missing at the rock in 1911.

Aside from the movie, there's a lot of native flora and fauna to take a look at as well as exploring the rocks themselves. The Hanging Rock Cup and Races happens there every year on New Years Day, so take care to drop in if you're in the area at that time. The picnic races on Jan 1st, actually started in the 1880′s and are still as well regarded as ever.

The reserve itself is reasonably large and includes ovals and tennis courts, grass areas, as well as barbecues and picnic tables across the reserve. A climb up to the pinnacle of the rocks is a must and the view from the top is certainly worth the effort. On the way up, you'll pass some engaging rock formations like Stonehenge, McDonald’s Lookout and The Eagle.

The rocks were also a favourite haunt of one of Australia’s more bloodthirsty bushrangers, ‘Mad Dan (Dog) Morgan ‘ during the 1860′s and Morgan’s Blood Waterfall and Morgan’s Lookout are named after him. It is assumed that there's something quite puzzling about Hanging Rock due to the organisation with a killing bushranger and the missing schoolgirls.

If you prefer the confusing angle to Hanging Rock, there are night tours of the rocks available to cater for people that are so inclined. Otherwise, enjoy through the area or perhaps pick up some information about how and when the rock formations cropped up.

This text was written by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Sydney or campervan hire Melbourne good luck with your travels.

Come and Experience Snapper Rocks

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Snapper Rocks is another surfing destination along the the Gold Coast and if you are travelling the beaches in the area with Campevan Hire Australia, this is one you won't need to miss. If you surf, or merely like to observe the surfing, you'll appreciate that this area has changed into one of the best in the world with a point break that reaches from Snapper Rocks to Kirra.

Ironically, it's the sand dredging at the Tweed Stream Entrance and the dumping of that sand solely to the east of Snapper Rocks , that has caused this long point break that surfers just love. Prior to 1995, Snapper Rocks was a fishing sanctuary, but it's renown as an international surfing destination to rival Kirra, has long since overtaken the fishing.

A lucky few surfers have truly managed to ride from Snapper rocks to Kirra, a distance of one kilometre and this happens when the wind and swell mix to form the scandalous ‘long wave’. It’s AKA the most crowded wave in Australia because surfers all need the chance to ride such a long wave and be a part of an elect group who've achieved it.

In surfing jargon, this wave is alleged to be classic and consistent, so professional surfers like it a lot and it’s likely you may spot one or two on a good day. A different reason why non-professional surfers will decide to surf here, again in surfing lingo, is perhaps because with the bottom being mostly sand, the largest chance of getting hurt is in the carpark.

So whether you are a surfer, or simply like watching surfing, Snapper Rocks will give you some fantastic entertainment. It takes a good deal of ability to defeat this wave it could be a really rewarding experience and when someone does, it is just stunning to watch.

This article was authored by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Sydney or campervan hire Melbourne good luck with your travels.

Vacation Southern Highlands Australia

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No trip to the Southern Highlands is completed without a trip to Bowral. Besides having an engaging history in itself, Bowral gave a home to the iconic Australian cricketer, Sir Donald Bradman. Before leaving the Highlands, make sure to exploit your Campervan Hire Australia car and pay a trip to Bowral and the Bradman Museum.

Now, English visitors will know likely enough about cricket and Sir Donald Bradman, as well as the history and legends surrounding the game of cricket. Nevertheless other nationalities may not. So suffice to claim, cricket is played with a bat and a ball and is is now played in several areas of the Earth, which were initially colonised by the British.

Australia’s cricketing hero, before exploitation of the game, was Don Bradman, AKA ‘The Don ‘ and now Sir Donald Bradman. He grew up in the town of Bowral and has just about single handedly, put Bowral forcefully on the traveller map. Bowral’s sport’s oval has now been named the Don Bradman Oval and a Cricketing Hall-Of-Fame in addition has been developed in his honour.

‘The Don ‘ was a batsman of mythical proportion and honed his talents with a cricket bat and ball on the water tank at the rear of his place in Bowral. From such unpretentious origins, Don Bradman cricketing mementos is now much asked for and the Bradman Museum at Bowral is the ‘must go ‘ place to visit. It has cricket souvenirs and heaps of rare film footage of ‘The boy From Bowral ‘

The Bradman Museum has approximately five exhibition galleries and an one hundred seat theatre, as well as the general keepsakes and present shop. It has also got the Stumps Tea Room where you can enjoy some light refreshments after visiting the studios. Bowral has lot of historical things to take a look at, but the cricketing legend is unique Australiana with meaning.

This text was written by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Sydney or campervan hire Melbourne good luck with your travels.

Holiday In Ballarat

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Take to the road again and head to the state of Victoria and visit Ballarat with Campervan Hire Australia. Ballarat is the central town of Australia’s gold rush era in the 1850′s and is well known for the Eureka Stockade Rebellion in 1854 and represents the meaning of freedom and democracy in Australia. As the placement of such a momentous event, Ballarat is an excellent spot from which to explore the surrounding towns and old gold diggings.

Sovereign Hill is a living, outdoor museum and is set on the location of a previous diggings. It is basically a re-creation of a standard diggings, complete along with mine, and a spread of shops that would have been in existence in the 1850′s. You can actually pan for gold as well as watch molten gold being poured into a bar. You may also go underground and see an underground mine.

The primary street of Sovereign Hill is very colorful with the town’s residents in period costume, complete along with horse-drawn carts and carriages. The period shops are open to the public and have a selection of period items for sale, such as, bread from the bakery (wood fired oven), pastries and cakes, candles, jewellery and groceries. It's also got a working blacksmith and forge.

Other things worth doing include watching street performances or be photographed in period costume and take a ride in a carriage. In the evenings, there is impressive light and sound show which pictures the Eureka Stockade uprising. There is also a gold museum that has some inspiring and valuable displays.

It is all fantastically engaging and you could even end up with some gold if you are fortunate. There's plenty of accommodation in Ballarat and it also gives a solid base for exploring further out. Gold rushes and diggings were a serious part of Australia’s history and you could easily spend a couple of days in the area.

This text was penned by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Sydney or campervan hire Melbourne good luck with your travels.

Holiday Kakadu National Park

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Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia is a natural wonderland of flora and fauna, as well as naturally occurring geographical features. It is another one for the ‘must do ‘ list of camperholidays if natural environmental wonders are high on your agenda. It is found straight to the east of Darwin, in Arnhem Land.

The south western of Kakadu National Park abuts the north eastern edge of Katherine Gorge and features similar sandstone escarpments. These also contain Aboriginal rock art and are easily reached for viewing. The area has been World Heritage listed twice and is the second biggest countrywide park in the world, comprising an area of 20,000 square kilometres.

Many global visitors come to see Kakadu annually. There are many packages available from day journeys to much longer stays. The best way to see Kakadu is to drive and there are loads of car hire options (also FWD) in Darwin. Kakadu has a timeless quality about it that claims slow down and don't rush. It is a place that may evoke memories of traditional times and the most appreciative visitors understand just what that implies. Making a private connection with the environment is important to some and is best attained by slow interactions with the environment. The local Aboriginal population would call this a non secular connection.

You can expect to see open floodplains, brooks, savannah woods, lagoons, waterfalls, mudflats, mangroves, open forests, local animals, birds, fish reptiles and obviously, the salt-water crocodile. It's best not to swim in natural waterways, no matter how hot the day or how inviting the water looks. It's often best to carry masses of water with you too.

Many people would prefer to camp at Kakadu, however if you want something more at ease there are three, three star motel type accommodation options available within Kakadu, as well as the common budget options. Kakadu is galvanizing to say the least and you'll feel you have experienced something special when you leave.

This article was created by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Brisbane or campervan hire Darwin good luck with your travels.

Mossman North Queensland

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Mossman is a sleepy small cane city in far north Queensland, roughly sixteen kilometres north of Port Douglas. The road north continues past the turn off to Port Douglas before reaching Mossman. While Port Douglas is firmly on the coast and abounds in bling and glamour, Mossman is the complete reverse.

Mossman is the last city to stock up with supplies before heading farther north into the Daintree World Heritage listed rainforest. Aside from being a normal sugar city, Mossman is a service city to it’s own community. The sugar mill is the heart of the town and services the many cane farms around the city.

Cane trains run right through the middle of the city, down on to the mill and don't stop. This leads to the engaging situation of lines of cars and buses, either going to, or coming from the Daintree, waiting impatiently to be on their way. The rest of the world might be running on ‘quick ‘ time, but Mossman doesn't change. The cane trains always have the right of passage, no matter how many well heeled travellers are waiting.

Mossman has some impressive rain-trees on the northwards side of the city, and their adequate foliage really stretches fully across the road, making a natural arbour of welcome shade. The locals have a market every Sat. morning under those rain-trees and they supply a place to chat with neighbours and pals. Sat. morning shopping is fit and healthy in Mossman and everything but the superstore and cafeterias close at midday.

It's a extraordinarily pleasant small stop over both to and from the Daintree. There are 2 lovely small cafeterias that serve great coffee, cake and a very acceptable lunch, before heading off again. The cane fields always magic up images of times gone by and it needs a small town like Mossman to show that some things never change. Mossman is a total must stop during your campervan hire Australia trip.

This text was penned by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Cairns or campervan hire Darwin good luck with your travels.

Cascade Brewery

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If brewing is your eagerness and you enjoy fine beer, a visit to the Cascade Brewery in Hobart, Tasmania will be a revelation. Hobart is widely known for it’s colonial design and if old fashioned tea shops and cottages don't do it for you, the Cascade Brewery most likely will. Cascade is a working brewery so you if you take one of the steered tours, you'll get to see the renowned amber liquid being made first hand.

Cascade Brewery is found in south Hobart and is 10 minutes away by bus from the Hobart CBD so it is simple to reach. As tasting the lager is a part of the package, this is a more sensible choice than driving yourself. You'll be in a position to take a close up look at Cascade beer products being made in the significant brewing factory and it is a fascinating process.

Additionally, a tour thru the Woodstock Gardens and the Cascade Museum is also included. The museum homes an all-encompassing collection of historical items linked with every aspect of the brewery. The Woodstock Gardens comprise 3 acres of heritage listed grounds surrounding the brewery.

The Cascade Brewery has the privilege of being Australia’s oldest brewery and sits among rolling hills, overlooked by Mount Wellington in the background. The brewery has an interesting history, including it’s beginning and has many eccentric characters in it’s decorative history. You'll learn all about these and other fascinating brewing stories in the tour.

If you like, you may also have lunch at the visitors centre and purchase a memento of your noteworthy visit. History buffs and beer lovers will both enjoy a visit to the cascade Brewery. The lager is superb, the history is fascinating and watching the lager being brewed is illuminating. It definitely has to go on your ‘to do ‘ list when you visit Tasmania. A lovely way to experience this country is thru campervan hire Australia.

This article was authored by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Melbourne or campervan hire Tasmania good luck with your travels.

Jazz In The Vines

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The Hunter Valley in New South Wales is renowned for it’s award winning wines and is the ideal location for a weekend getaway or trip in a campervan from All Seasons Campervan hire Australia for a much longer stay if you really want to unwind. If you go toward the end of October, you'll be in for a treat because Australia’s longest running annual music festival, Jazz In The Vines is on at that time.

Pokolbin is the location for this great holiday this year, however a different vineyard is generally selected to host the event each year. It is an extraordinary location to listen to some of Australia’s top musicians, for example James Morrison and Kate Cebrano. If you are a jazz fan, you are going to adore this and experience the most perfect day out you are ever certain to have.

The day provides a combination of fantastic music, food and drink and this is usually a winning mixture. The setting is a vineyard that has a unique, natural beauty and the wine available on the day has been selected from four, maybe more, local Hunter Valley Wineries. This is a special treat, but it gets better.

A variety of the best Hunter Valley bistros have ganged up to provide food on the day. 5 eateries will provide some top class food to compliment the locally grown wines, so as well as the music, you'll be enjoying a particularly special gastronomic treat.

If you can imagine an a beautiful setting, a large amount of friendly, contented folk listing to some simply superb music, relaxing in the sunshine while eating and drinking the best food and wines available in the Hunter Valley, then you may have an idea of the atmosphere made by this event. The Hunter Valley is a stunning place in itself, but mixed with Jazz In The Vines, it is unquestionably a winner.

This essay was written by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Sydney or campervan hire Melbourne good luck with your travels.

Byron Bay Blues Festival

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If you make a decision to vacation on the northerly New South Wales coast, Byron Bay is a brilliant choice. It has grown from a knackered, rural coastal town into a global destination, complete along with airport. There are a couple of different beach cultures well in Byron, there is, however, always a place for everyone, including families.

Many Australian celebrities have purchased up old farm properties in the area, have refurbished and reconstructed and now refer to it as home. Ditto the community of artists and artisans transforming the region into a cultural center. There's also some alternative culture well along with masses of alternate healing practitioners and if your road travelling Australia then all seasons campers can fit you out with the most cost-effective campervan hire in Australia

Byron Bay is also famous for it’s beach culture/holiday experience, so it is a fun in the sun place to visit, with lots of other experiences thrown in too. It's got a great beach with good surf and despite the growth of the city, is still a haven for summer surfing, complete along with bronzed Aussie blokes and girls.

The Byron Bay Blues Festival happens each Easter and has done so for many years now. It is a special time for blues musicians from all parts of the world when they meet to share music and perform in some spectacular concerts. The town triples in size in the festival and the experience is usually one to remember. Some enthusiasts return year on year because of the new friends they have made and they look forward much to catching up annually.

So there are one or two reasons to visit Byron Bay for a holiday, not the least being because it's a wonderful place with a stunning beach and trapped by the green, rolling hills of the nearby rustic community. No matter what the reason, it's a good place to go to relax, unwind and make new pals. It's also an excellent place for a sea change and many have been seen to move there after having a fabulous vacation.

This manuscript was written by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either camper van Hire Sydney or camper van hire Brisbane good luck with your travels.

Travel to Brisbane Queensland

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Brisbane is the capital of Queensland ‘and is another great place to unwind and revel in a holiday. There is lots of accommodation to suit each budget and even contracting a campervan is a good choice at campervan hire Australia. There are tons of things worth doing and see in this vibrant city. There are diners and attractions to suit all tastes and budgets and many visitors enjoy the cosmopolitan experiences on offer, but without the higher price ticket of Sydney or Melbourne.

Southbank is an outdoor open space recreational area in the center of Brisbane, full of bistros and all kinds of entertainment “such as a synthetic beach, gardens and masses of activities for kids. If you wander along William Street by the Brisbane River, you'll see lots of heritage buildings, including the Queensland Parliamentary buildings.

If you are of a rather more aquatic bent, a cruise along the Brisbane River or around Moreton Bay is a total must. You can visit Frazer Island on a boat also. If chasing the night-life is more your style, the Treasury Casino as well as many other hostels and clubs, are there for your enjoyment.

The train system makes navigating around Brisbane straightforward. You can go to the Gold Coast for the day via train from the centre of Brisbane, as well as check out the major suburban shopping centres or go anywhere else that you select. For something different and new, you are now able to hire a bicycle and pedal round the inner town, leaving the bike at chosen bike stations, thanks to Brisbane City Council.

The Queen Street Mall in the CBD has masses of regular and boutique shopping, as well as indoor and out of doors dining. Brisbane also has got an active arts and culture scene and you can simply walk across the bridge to the southern side to find galleries, museums, theatre and libraries. There is also plenty of local history on offer at the state Library in the John Oxley Collection.

This article was written by Anton Maverick who has travelled Australia at length by campervan he reccomends when touring the southern states either campervan Hire Brisbane or campervan hire Sydney good luck with your travels.

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