Guidelines on rigging a Hobie Cat

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The Hobie Cat Co. is actually a well-known manufacturer of catamarans, kayaks, boats, fishing equipment etc. Actually, Hobie catamaran is well-known across the world because of its comparatively affordable expense and user-friendly capabilities. The Hobie catamaran also identified as Hobie Cat is on water, like a motorcycle is on land: fickle and rapidly. This boat is very easy to trailer and rig for sailing also as get inside the water. In fact, it types a really good sailing craft in places with comparatively small wind and on lakes. Listed here are certain guidelines which you’ll be able to surely follow when sailing a Hobie Cat.

Firstly, let us understand few basics on transporting the Hobie Cat. Firstly, when you are moving Hobie Cat to any sailing sight by a trailer then you must make sure that the mast that extends to the rear part of the trailer has a red flag. It is important to secure the demountable boat parts and rigging so that they are not lost in transit. In fact, it is advisable to stow the loose items in your towing vehicle. While launching your Hobie firstly, you must raise the mast in position. This is known as stepping the mast. You’ll then need to carefully tighten the wire so as to design tautness. Then insert battens into the main sail. After this, the jib sail cover is to be removed. Check if all the plugs are in proper place as well as the rudder blades and helm are properly mounted. You can just float your Hobie free in the water if you have a launching ramp. If not, then you need to take the trailer really close to the water and then carry your Hobie Cat to the beach.

While preparing to sail, you need to inspect that all of the rigging is secure and in place. It ought to be noted that sailing catamaran is that sailing and therefore a lot of sailors wear the wetsuits. Also, fickle nature in the Hobie Cat many occasions sends crew within the water and as a result wearing a life vest even though sailing is advisable.

Make sure that one person is manning the helm when you are unfurling the jib and pushing the boat in the water. Sailing alone is very dangerous and therefore if you are aware about water safety then you must never sail alone. The Hobie Cat is mobilized by the wind which is high it is always advisable to keep the catamaran pointed at an angle between 15 degrees and 45 degrees. It is obvious that hired the speed of the wind, faster will your boat travel.

It must be noted that sailing catamaran at angle of 90 from wind direction is risky and you may be at danger of becoming blown over. Should you capsize you filled have a problem in raising your boat upright and will get wet. In such a scenario you must remember to lower your mainsail back to ensure that you do not have to bear the wet weight.

In a nutshell, sailing a Hobie Catis is exciting and entertaining supplied you follow all of the safety guidelines.

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