5 Tips for an Atlanta Staycation

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There are two major reasons why staycations are more popular now than ever. The first is the financial consideration. The second is avoiding the hassle that inevitably comes with booking a few weeks in a faraway location. But a vacation that only takes you a couple of hours drive away from your own four walls has lots of other benefits too.

Plus, what better way to explore and discover all the city has to offer by basing your staycation in a convenient and comfortable hotel that is close to the action? You won’t have to worry about getting home every night, and you can enjoy your well-earned time away in a chilled and relaxed atmosphere where you can recharge your batteries and wake up feeling fresh, energized, and ready to get right back out there.

Time to Learn and Discover

Taking a short break to behave like a tourist in your own hometown is a great way to reconnect with the local community, and to discover attractions and features you might never have known existed. Atlanta is living, vibrant proof that a staycation can be just as much fun as a holiday in a far-flung resort. The city offers so much to see and do that even if you have lived there most of your life you can still be amazed at what you might find. It’s all right there on your doorstep.

From parks and zoos to museums and galleries, plus the excellent selection of bars and restaurants, Atlanta has more than enough to satisfy excitement seekers while providing ample opportunities for those who simply need to hang out and chill for a while. And just to make planning your leisure itinerary a little easier, here are our top five tips for an Atlanta staycation.

1. Atlanta History Center

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If you’re the explorer type, then the Atlanta History Center is the perfect place to begin your city staycation. With award-winning exhibitions, picture-perfect gardens, historic buildings, and a whole bunch of interactive projects, you’re sure to enjoy the year-round activities geared for the whole family.

2. Kennesaw Mountain

This almost 3,000-acre National Battlefield Park isn’t just a historical site. Kennesaw Mountain provides breathtaking views in a setting of lush green fields and outstanding natural beauty.

3. Woodruff Park

A true “people’s park,” Woodruff Park has programs and special events that bring thousands of visitors every year. Woodruff Park provides sporting and hobby opportunities for people of all ages across six acres of beautifully manicured lawns.

4. Six Flags Over Georgia

At Six Flags you’ll find everything you need for thrills, spills and fun family entertainment. Enjoy exciting rides, a water park, food and dining, shopping, and a whole host of special events.

5. Sun Dial Restaurant

With renowned chefs and spectacular views, the restaurant and bar of the Sun Dial are over 720 feet above ground and offer stunning 360 views of Atlanta’s skyline, gorgeous sunsets included.

Of course, Atlanta has a whole lot more than just our five suggestions. But seriously, with all those venues, sights, events and attractions, nobody could ever deny that Atlanta really does have a lot of fun things going on.

4 Amorous Activities for a Romantic Pacific Northwest Getaway

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The Pacific Northwest provides charming backdrops for lovers who want to escape the metropolis and simply reconnect. From majestic mountains to quaint neighborhoods, the postcard-perfect area has various things to do all year round for couples.

Cascade Mountain Range for Thrill Seekers

This vast range of forested mountains has three regions that offer exceptional activities for adventure seekers. The best part is that pros aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the accessible mountain ranges. North Cascades National Park in Washington state has hundreds of valleys, marshes, lakes, and ponds. Honeymooners flock here for recreational activities like camping, hiking, bicycling, and fishing. During winter, the North Cascades transform to a breathtaking skiing destination. Marvel at the snow-capped peaks while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa with your partner.

Leavenworth for Fairytale Aficionados

Image via Flickr by Jasperdo

Known as “Little Bavaria,” this village gives visitors a multi-sensory experience of Germany without purchasing tickets to Europe. Modeled after an Alpine village, everything in Leavenworth, Washington, resembles places in the beloved story books of children. There are half-terraced houses, unique specialty shops, and stunning amphitheaters with Icicle Ridge as their backgrounds. There is even a nutcracker museum that houses more than 6,000 nutcrackers that date back to Roman times.

Prior to planning a romantic Pacific Northwest getaway, it’s best to check the schedule of celebrations in Leavenworth. Each season brings a different kind of festivity. One famous Leavenworth festival is Oktoberfest, which is ideal for ale-loving couples.

Wineries for Lovers of Fine Things in Life

The Pacific Northwest is not only home to pristine scenery, but also sprawling vineyards that produce artisanal wines. The De Vine Vineyards is deemed as the most romantic winery of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Many couples choose to get married here. Another winery that exudes romance is the Eagle Creek in Leavenworth. As the oldest boutique winery in the area, lovers can explore Eagle Creek’s rich heritage while indulging in cheese and wine.

For discerning foodies, the Pacific Northwest has an extensive array of restaurants. From upscale dining places to farm-to-table boutiques, couples can satiate their cravings and bask in mesmerizing views.

Seaplanes for Nature Admirers

For those who aspire to get around Pacific Northwest’s idyllic islands but do not have the luxury of time, seaplanes will come handy. There are local businesses that offer tailored sightseeing itineraries involving seaplanes. Even if it’s costly, it isn’t every day that lovers get to enjoy an intimate and extraordinary ride. If riding a seaplane is not an option, couples can instead get behind the wheel and choose from these scenic road trips.

A cozy accommodation is a major contributing factor to an unforgettable Pacific Northwest getaway. To complete the experience, it’s best to look for hotels that have stellar natural views as well as amenities like couple’s suites, spas, fireplaces, and balconies. Upon booking, one can contact the hotel and make special requests such as a welcome bouquet, a plate of chocolates, or a simple heartfelt sign in the room. These details might seem trivial, but they can make a lovers’ vacation more special.

Spanish Courses Barcelona

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Spanish is native to Spainand Spanish schools Barcelona offer excellent courses for those wishing to acquire more than a passing knowledge of the language. A metropolis in its own right, Barcelona has enough of attractions to keep you enthralled even as you advance from one level to the other in a structured courseware designed to ease the learning process. Spanish courses Barcelona will soon have you speaking like a native and who knows, you might even learn Catalan as you mingle with the local population while staying with a host family.

ESL offers world class Spanish courses Barcelona through three partner schools located in the heart of the city.  There is the standard course, an intensive course, DELE courses and optional culture courses for a totally immersive experience. Courseware is conveniently split into levels from beginner to advanced, to help you pursue studies at your convenience. There is an exam and certification at each level. One school even offers Spanish course combined with Salsa for those interested in dance. Though accommodation is available with host families and in shared apartments, staying with a host family is one of the best ways to pick up the local idiom, learn the native styles, enjoy the cuisine and enrich your life. You make friends with the family just as you make friends with people from all over the world when staying in a shared apartment or hostels.

Native Spanish speaking, professionally qualified and experienced teachers impart training in Spanish schools Barcelona in an informative and entertaining way. The ambience is friendly, encouraging and conducive to experimenting even as you learn the finer nuances of the language through conversations, group play and enacting real life situations. Each lesson lasts nearly an hour with a short break and a session lasts nearly four hours. During a week you can pick up a lot through classroom training and through leisure time activities that support and extend the classroom learning.

Learning Spanish can be a great help, especially when you consider it as an aid to your profession or business connected with Spainand the Latin American countries. A professional certification that is globally accepted can easily be acquired when you join Spanish schools Barcelona. When you are thoroughly enjoying yourself and are comfortable, you can learn more. ESL partner schools conducting Spanish courses Barcelona do all they can to keep you relaxed while in class or during organized leisure time activities while encouraging you to practise the language to gain maximum proficiency in a short time. It is a holiday mixed with learning or learning combined with travel depending on which way you look at it but there is no doubt that it is a wholly enriching and rewarding experience.

It is easy to enroll through the online form and pay in foreign currency. Students may expect assistance and guidance for visa, travel, insurance and any other matter.

Cheap Hotels in Milan

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Deciding how to budget your time so you can take in all the sights in Milan is enough of a challenge without worrying about how to budget your pocketbook as well! We found a solution to both dilemmas with these cheap hotels in Milan that are so close to the action you can pad your itinerary with indulgences like another glass of wine at the sweet Italian bistro you discover or one more dance at the nightclub.

Click for Hotels in Milan.

Whether you land in Milan for business or pleasure – or a little of both – these budget conscious hotels can help you start your day with a free breakfast, a bit of friendly advice and a safe place to keep your valuables while you’re off enjoying the delights of Italian hospitality.

1.  The Hotel Eurohotel is perfectly positioned in the historical center near Piazza Duomo and in walking distance to the fashion district of Via Montenapoleon. The hotel has recently expanded with a new wing of deluxe suites and facilities for business meetings and family parties. The well-appointed rooms are air conditioned with lockers in the dorms and private bathrooms with hot showers. The LCD flat screen TVs have international channels and you can hook into their facility wide Wi-Fi for small fee. Enjoy your free breakfast in the garden with a smoking area or hang out in the non-smoking wine and coffee bar. On beautiful days you can take advantage of their veranda to meet with fellow travelers and share tips on which nearby restaurants, museums and shops should be at the top of your priority list.

2. Don’t let the small size fool you –the Hotel Ideale is packed with extras you expect to find in big expensive hotels like room service, private parking, meeting rooms and a business center. The tidy dorms have private bathrooms including self catering facilities with secure lockers and TVs. Of course, breakfast and Wi-Fi are free and you can enjoy either in your room or in their inner garden area. If you are in Milan on a business trip, the friendly staff will help you exchange your currency, make copies and send faxes.  When you’re ready to go sightseeing, the tour desk can give you advice on how to use the nearby railway for a quick 10 minute trip downtown and when it’s time to go they’ll help arrange your transportation to the airport.

3. Just because this hostel is brand spanking new, you won’t find yourself at the mercy of amateurs — the staff at the Hotel Stazione has years of experience anticipating travelers’  needs. The cordial atmosphere extends from their airport pickup service to their friendly tour desk that will rent you a car, get your tickets to local attractions or make arrangements for you and your gear to arrive at the trade show on time. Their stellar location is convenient to services, shops and eateries and just a few minutes’ walk from the central train station. The beautifully decorated air conditioned rooms have a contemporary feel with clean private bathrooms but maintain an old world charm. Free breakfast includes handmade cappuccinos and you can use the lounge area to tap into the Wi-Fi for free, but there is a small charge for using it in your room.

The temptation to indulge in Italian cuisine, fashion and entertainments compel travelers to make the most of their budget, so booking a cheap hotel in Milan is a great way to have more cash in your pocket for the many delights waiting to be discovered.

Bali Attractions

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Bali is one of the 18,000 islands in Indonesia. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

If you are new to Bali or planning for a trip there, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of attractions Bali has to offer. Continue reading “Bali Attractions” »

Bangkok Travel Guide

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Central Thailand contains one of the world’s most amazing and exciting cities, Bangkok. This capital city offers visitors a true glimpse into life in Thailand and provides them with exotic sights, luxurious hotels, family fun activities, and a one of a kind nightlife experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. The unforgettable city offers state of the art skyscrapers, modernized stores and malls for shopping, and a touch of mystery around every corner. Bangkok tourists will be completely satisfied that they have experienced Thai culture, cuisine, shopping, nightlife, and then some after spending a few days in this city that never sleeps. Continue reading “Bangkok Travel Guide” »

What to Visit in Moscow

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Being one of the most beautiful cities in the world Moscow attracts many tourists from different countries. Most of tourists coming to Moscow for the fist time want to visit the Kremlin, the Red Square, Christ the Saviors Cathedral, Victory Park, Novodevichy convent and other places of interest.

Moscow has many theatres, museums of different kind, art galleries that are open for the visitors. There are many famous museums that are always full of people. One of them is Pushkin Museum, which is very famous. Continue reading “What to Visit in Moscow” »

Top 3 Things to Do in Lima

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Lima is the capital city of Peru and the home of its only international airport, but it is often overlooked by international tourists. However, there are several great things to do in Lima, and visitors can easily spend several days in this coastal city. Here is a list of three suggestions of what people on a trip to Peru can do during their time in Lima. Continue reading “Top 3 Things to Do in Lima” »

Budget Travel Guide to Boston

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Made famous by Revolutionary events, infamous by cold winters, and both by the World-Series winning Red Sox, Boston has its fair share of reasons to visit. With such a reputation, however, comes high prices, and it has become increasingly difficult to find bargain deals in the city. That is why we created a list of budget restaurants, bars and activities that both locals and tourists can use when going out in Boston. Spanning the unique Boston neighborhoods, we have suggestions whether you are with family, friends or single. We also provide ideas for dates that won’t break the bank – great especially for a first outing, yet perfect also for a change of pace in the old routine. Continue reading “Budget Travel Guide to Boston” »

Where to Go Out in Buenos Aires

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Eclectic and cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires is the cultural, political and economic heart of Argentina. With its European feeling, astounding architecture, and beautiful people, this bustling metropolis is the highlight of any trip to Argentina. Countless attractions, hotels, cafés, restaurants, bars and nightclubs populate the city, meaning you’ll never find yourself short of options to be entertained. Partygoers especially will find here a vibrant nightlife to explore. It’s ideal if you are trying to learn some tango, the national dance, and mingle with the locals. Here is a selection of Buenos Aires’ must-go to bars and nightclubs. Continue reading “Where to Go Out in Buenos Aires” »

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