Cairo – The Historic Capital City Of Egypt

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Cairo is an extremely engaging city not only as the River Nile is centrally located here, it is also really popular for its shops. Yet there are other reasons why people choose Cairo as a place to visit. The city is most famous for having the oldest conserved architecture like the Three Pyramids and the Sphinx. It is famous because of its historical characteristics and in particular the Pyramids. There are countless people who take a trip to Cairo each and every week.

In order to relax there are lots of places to eat and they typically provide evening entertainment, its quite wonderful seeing people dance their own cultural movements.

There are a large number of shops, hotels and even spa treatments consequently should you be one of the people who would like to treat themselves then you have plenty of options available.

Lots of people enjoy the sunshine consequently as quickly as they arrive here the first thing they do is head for the pool. Several hotels in Cairo now include ocean water in their swimming pools rather than the smelly chlorine and many believe this is a superb idea.

Egypt is a Muslim country and starting at six o’clock each and every morning people pray for the first of five times every day. There is a Mohamed Ali Mosque that is the emblem of Cairo. It’s known as that due to the fact there was a person known as Mohamed Ali (1769 – 1849) who had been born in Cavalia, Greece and was of Albanian origins. He had been a soldier in the army that were sent to Egypt to liberate the country from Napoleon’s occupation. So in the end he assisted to free the nation and now people pray for him.

Cairo is home to about 20 million people as well as some of the most amazing treasures of the ancient world.


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