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No trip to the Southern Highlands is completed without a trip to Bowral. Besides having an engaging history in itself, Bowral gave a home to the iconic Australian cricketer, Sir Donald Bradman. Before leaving the Highlands, make sure to exploit your Campervan Hire Australia car and pay a trip to Bowral and the Bradman Museum.

Now, English visitors will know likely enough about cricket and Sir Donald Bradman, as well as the history and legends surrounding the game of cricket. Nevertheless other nationalities may not. So suffice to claim, cricket is played with a bat and a ball and is is now played in several areas of the Earth, which were initially colonised by the British.

Australia’s cricketing hero, before exploitation of the game, was Don Bradman, AKA ‘The Don ‘ and now Sir Donald Bradman. He grew up in the town of Bowral and has just about single handedly, put Bowral forcefully on the traveller map. Bowral’s sport’s oval has now been named the Don Bradman Oval and a Cricketing Hall-Of-Fame in addition has been developed in his honour.

‘The Don ‘ was a batsman of mythical proportion and honed his talents with a cricket bat and ball on the water tank at the rear of his place in Bowral. From such unpretentious origins, Don Bradman cricketing mementos is now much asked for and the Bradman Museum at Bowral is the ‘must go ‘ place to visit. It has cricket souvenirs and heaps of rare film footage of ‘The boy From Bowral ‘

The Bradman Museum has approximately five exhibition galleries and an one hundred seat theatre, as well as the general keepsakes and present shop. It has also got the Stumps Tea Room where you can enjoy some light refreshments after visiting the studios. Bowral has lot of historical things to take a look at, but the cricketing legend is unique Australiana with meaning.

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The Variety Of Southern Australia

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Kakadu has become a good source of government revenue because of its focus on tourism. By its focus on tourism, it is hitting two birds with one stone. The tourism industry has proven to be a very viable and profitable industry in this part of the world. One cannot discount the national revenue from the developed tourism in Kakadu. The preservation of the natural resources is also effectively addressed through this initiative. After all, it is the natural beauty and charm of the place which makes this place very attractive to tourists.

Efforts for the preservation of Kakadus natural resources and cultural heritage have brought unquantifiable benefits to the lives of the aborigines living in the place. It has secured for them their traditional land and has given them a livelihood for life. It has also secured a livelihood for their generations to come as it is highly unlikely that the places inclusion in the World Heritage List will be taken out. The world has their ancestors to thank for the cultural heritage they have left and shared with the rest of us. The current population of the aboriginals have their ancestors to thank for securing their homes and their existence for generations to come.

There are several boat cruises in Kakadu that would allow you to take a Kakadu Tour from the waters of Kakadu. The most popular is the Yellow Water Cruises Cooinda that takes guests through the floodplains and billabongs. Other choices include the Kakadu Culture Camp Night Wildlife Boat Cruise and the Guluyambi Cruises.

One of the tours worth considering when youre in a place like Kakadu is whether to avail of a 4WD tour or not. Theres also the question of whether you are going to get a self-drive 4WD and equip yourself and your party with a map or you go with an organized tour group. Its an interesting thought to consider and one very inviting option to take offering a different view and experience of Kakadu.

The vast expanse of Kakadu calls for expert and deft handling of tourists and their needs. This need has driven Parks Australia to have a subsidized training for entry level guides for the Kakadu National Park and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park with Charles Darwin University. This training aims to ensure that guides will have the necessary knowledge to secure visitors safety and a good understanding of the natural and cultural values of the national parks.

The variety of options for Kakadu tours make even internet booking agencies busy. Some tours are booked very well in advance that a fully booked schedule is highly probable whenever one inquires when one is already there. So, an advance booking through the internet is the best way to secure a spot in your chosen tour. Chances are, one also gets good package costs through the net.

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