Do it in Cancun!

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Cancun, Mexico is located on the stunning Yucatan Peninsula which is affectionately known to the tourist industry as The Mexican Caribbean. The actual city of Cancun is on the northeastern tip of the peninsula, and therefore does overlook the northern most portion of the Caribbean Sea. Just a few miles up and around the tip of the peninsula brings the wonders of the Gulf of Mexico, home to some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. So, Cancun is actually a pretty unique place.

In this modern world of the internet and YouTube, there are always people coming up with interesting ways to pass the time. Especially on vacation. After all, being on vacation means having fun and doing things you would not normally have done, right? So why not step out of the comfort zone for a few days, and go swimming with the sharks! Now, we are not suggesting one ties a steak to their leg and jump in the ocean. That would be silly. Instead why not try a guided snorkeling or boating tour with professionals trained in locating marine life, such as sharks and dolphins? The cost of a tour is pretty reasonable, plus staff will take your picture with a favorite new ocean friend! Do it!

If something with a little more speed is more enticing, then check out the four by four tours. Several businesses in Cancun offer off road Jeep tours and dune buggy adventures. Taking a tour of the area with this sort of transportation is a great way to see the ‘real’ Mexican people, how they live and perhaps even a few plantations still in use. Be respectful of the natural environment by staying on the trails, but also take note of the tropical vegetation and wildlife. Do it!

Young and old, male and female, anyone likes a good deal. In Cancun getting a good deal from the street vendors involves skillful haggling, and having some Mexican Spanish skills will definitely help. In the street markets shoppers will find all manner of goods for sale. From toothbrushes to iPods to shark fin, it is all there. Before getting too emotionally attached to that jar of whale blubber, think about the import laws for your country. Then think about the jail time handed out for those who violate those laws. Then move on to the next vendor. There are deals to be had, visitors just have to play the game. Do it!

Doing what you love while in Cancun isn’t hard. They have all the amenities, a tropical climate, world class resorts, natural diversity and the all-important opportunity for adventure. So go do it in Cancun! is an online travel company determined and dedicated to becoming the leader in providing travelers with the most intuitive online booking experience full of relevant information, helpful guides and travel tips. Find great deals on cancun all inclusive at!

Cancun Spring Break

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Nearly 100,000 American teenagers and young adults travel to Cancun for the Cancun spring break every year. This is a huge destination for college-aged spring breakers, and this package begins around February 19 to end around March 26. So if you are in the mood to relax in Cancun, you will either have to book a more expensive hotel, or completely avoid this season. This is because in these 6 weeks, there is an enormous influx of party-going college kids flooding the beaches, clubs and bars to have as much fun as possible. Continue reading “Cancun Spring Break” »