Cheap Hotels in Milan

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Deciding how to budget your time so you can take in all the sights in Milan is enough of a challenge without worrying about how to budget your pocketbook as well! We found a solution to both dilemmas with these cheap hotels in Milan that are so close to the action you can pad your itinerary with indulgences like another glass of wine at the sweet Italian bistro you discover or one more dance at the nightclub.

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Whether you land in Milan for business or pleasure – or a little of both – these budget conscious hotels can help you start your day with a free breakfast, a bit of friendly advice and a safe place to keep your valuables while you’re off enjoying the delights of Italian hospitality.

1.  The Hotel Eurohotel is perfectly positioned in the historical center near Piazza Duomo and in walking distance to the fashion district of Via Montenapoleon. The hotel has recently expanded with a new wing of deluxe suites and facilities for business meetings and family parties. The well-appointed rooms are air conditioned with lockers in the dorms and private bathrooms with hot showers. The LCD flat screen TVs have international channels and you can hook into their facility wide Wi-Fi for small fee. Enjoy your free breakfast in the garden with a smoking area or hang out in the non-smoking wine and coffee bar. On beautiful days you can take advantage of their veranda to meet with fellow travelers and share tips on which nearby restaurants, museums and shops should be at the top of your priority list.

2. Don’t let the small size fool you –the Hotel Ideale is packed with extras you expect to find in big expensive hotels like room service, private parking, meeting rooms and a business center. The tidy dorms have private bathrooms including self catering facilities with secure lockers and TVs. Of course, breakfast and Wi-Fi are free and you can enjoy either in your room or in their inner garden area. If you are in Milan on a business trip, the friendly staff will help you exchange your currency, make copies and send faxes.  When you’re ready to go sightseeing, the tour desk can give you advice on how to use the nearby railway for a quick 10 minute trip downtown and when it’s time to go they’ll help arrange your transportation to the airport.

3. Just because this hostel is brand spanking new, you won’t find yourself at the mercy of amateurs — the staff at the Hotel Stazione has years of experience anticipating travelers’  needs. The cordial atmosphere extends from their airport pickup service to their friendly tour desk that will rent you a car, get your tickets to local attractions or make arrangements for you and your gear to arrive at the trade show on time. Their stellar location is convenient to services, shops and eateries and just a few minutes’ walk from the central train station. The beautifully decorated air conditioned rooms have a contemporary feel with clean private bathrooms but maintain an old world charm. Free breakfast includes handmade cappuccinos and you can use the lounge area to tap into the Wi-Fi for free, but there is a small charge for using it in your room.

The temptation to indulge in Italian cuisine, fashion and entertainments compel travelers to make the most of their budget, so booking a cheap hotel in Milan is a great way to have more cash in your pocket for the many delights waiting to be discovered.

Ways You Can Add Some La Vita Italiana On Your Holiday!

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If you need your imminent trip to Italy, one of the top 3 visitor destinations in the world, to be all that you ever wanted your trip to be, then car rental Italy is going to be an indispensable part of your planning. Italy has so-o-o-o much to offer the traveller, whether the reason for your travels is 100% vacation or part business and the rest, in reality, essentially tourist travel.

Here are a couple of preparation ideas that can help you experience some La Vita Italiana for yourself!

Brush up a little on Italian history, driving rules and geography, and a little Italian language. It doesn’t have to be intensive. Just some words and phrases to get you by!

Plan for access to more money to spend than you think you will need!

Travel light in the attire aspect . “Why not make this a chance to do some personal shopping in Milan, Italy’s famous fashion center

Make it your business to be versed in Italian etiquette “and drop any inadvertent angles and behaviors that might be considered obnoxious..

You’ll be totally out of your comfort zone. Do not be terrified, but use common sense at all times! Confirm that someone that cares knows comprehensive details of your plans and schedules “check in with them as agreed upon.

Otherwise embrace your wonderful hosts, the people, their spoken language their laws, their culture, their history, their art treasures, their architectural treasures and so very much more.

When making preparations for a trip to Italy most travelers think of only Rome. However, there is so much more to Italy than just Rome! Why not consider a trip to the island of Sicily, or maybe the Italian Alps. The Amalfi Coast is always a great trip and the Italian Riviera is not to be forgotten. In addition, a gondola ride in Venice and the incredible art of Michelangelo in Florence. The one thing you will miss in Italy is enough time to see it all!

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Italy Travel Guide Facts

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Italy is country a lot of people dream of visiting once in their life at least. Whether you are looking for a place to satiate your hunger of bewitching historic places or are intending to pay a visit to a culturally rich place or may be a fashion hub, Italy surely is the place. Italy offers you lots of mesmerizing places to visit and activities to perform. Here is an easy breezy Italy travel guide to help you plan your trip and get you excited.

1. Rome

Rome being the capital city of Italy is a place crammed with some of the most spectacular historical places the world has ever seen. Even if you are not the biggest history fan, the buildings in Rome will still attract you with their exotic style and outlook. The place will carry you to the revival era. Most of the architectural structures in Rome are as antique as anything. The fact that Rome is one of the most antique city of the world, brings tourists from every corner of the world. Once you are here, you should see the exotic places like the forum, Coliseum, Pantheon and most important Vatican. However, that’s not all about Rome since you can also get a taste of delicious Italian cuisine here as well.

2. Venice

A lot of people associate Venice with love. Yes, it is no wonder a romantic place; imagine a city with open canals running throughout. What a scenic beauty would it be?. Due to this reason, you might find this beautiful city packed with uncountable tourists. Nonetheless, no matter how packed it is with tourists, you can still get hold of a nice rental apartment or a rental chateau to enjoy the true essence and actual richness of this beautiful city. Moreover, do not forget visiting Ponti Dei Sospiri or the Bridge of Sighs while in Venice.

3. Milan

Milan is one of the most attractive places in Italy. It is the hub of fashion owing to which people having interest in fashion and styling make it their aim to visit Milan. Milan is focal point of all the fashion divas; big or small. You will find the homes of great fashion designers like Armani, Valentino and many more. So if you are planning to work on your dresses and apparel and have a loose budget, don’t forget to pay a detailed visit to Milan.

Apart from these well known cities, Florence is yet another beautiful and artistic city you must holiday at. Also, you will find a number of cozy and tranquil beaches if you love serenity and calmness.

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