Celeb Spotting in London Hotels

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Luxury has always been the domain of the rich and the famous. This is precisely why the majority of people in the world aspire to be like the celebrities that they worship as heroes. If you also like to catch a glimpse of some rich and famous people and are travelling to London, then you should try to book rooms in any of the many luxury hotels London to have your wish come true. The reason for this is simply that luxury hotels London see a lot of stars on a regular basis.

There can be nothing better than to take a vacation in London, enjoy the sights and sounds of the city along with the great variety of food that the city offers and then get to see one of your all time favorite celebrities when you get back to your hotel. In fact, if you are truly lucky and resourceful, you can even try to get an autograph or a photograph with your favorite star. Your best chance of having this dream come true for you would be at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

The Dorchester Hotel is widely seen as the best 5 star hotels London, especially after its recent renovation and beautification. The Dorchester Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels London if you wish to catch a glimpse of some of the most famous celebrities and sportsmen of the world. The logical question that you would want to ask at this juncture would be where in the hotel you can catch a glimpse of your stars.

The prime location where you should keep your eyes peeled, as is obvious, is the lobby. The lobby is the entry point of the hotel and most celebrities would pass this way if they come to avail any of the many services of the Dorchester Hotel. Alternatively, you would also stand a very good chance of running into your favorite movie star, politician or sports personality if you pay attention to the dining outlets of the hotel.

While China Tang is continental glam, the Grill is all about Victorian grace. You should visit the Grill on a Sunday afternoon if you wish to catch some great English breakfast along with celebrities.

The highlight of the Dorchester Hotel and the place where your chance of spotting celebrities is the highest is the Alain Ducasse. The famous signature menu of the Alain Ducasse is exquisite and almost always draws one celeb or another for a nibble.

The classy setting also seems to play a major role in celebrities being pulled here in droves. As is evident from the above description, the best places to spot celebs in London are at the famous luxury hotels London.

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Get a Taste of a Cheap Travel to London

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The alluring wonders of London explain why tourists linger with the idea that it is the best place anyone can ever be. It is just amazing how culture, tradition and history continue to thrive amidst the metropolitan atmosphere. Get the chance to experience every best thing this place has to offer, learn the secret to a cheap travel to London.

London has the unique spirit of attracting millions of tourist each year making it one of the world’s most desired destinations. That is why it is really important to come up with a perfect schedule to avoid the rush. Also, consider the idea of booking your tickets and reserving a space in a hotel as early as possible. Not only that it is convenient, but it may also entitle you to a cheap travel to the city because of large discounts.

Keep your eyes of f the months of July and August. It is usually the time when almost everyone is in London. Also, you will most likely settle with an expensive deal during that time since prices are usually on the top bracket. Do not be afraid of getting the dates off those months because the city is an all-year-round destination. When you arrive in London, you may also want to consider the use of public transport. You can get anywhere with the underground rail system and bus at a low cost.

Dining will not be a great burden if you have the idea on where to go. You can run through the list of cheap restaurants within your home through the internet. You may also want to consider reaching the stockpot. It is a chain of cheap eateries in the city where you can have a satisfying meal within on a budget.

The city is a place where you can have variety. All over the metropolitan area, you can find restaurants that suite your taste and budget.

It is about time for you to get your passes to this alluring location. Get a taste of a cheap travel to London.

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Reasons You Don’t Have To Stress If You Have Not Booked A Hotel For Your London Getaway Yet

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The most important aspect of most people’s vacation is usually finding the right accommodation. You will need a place to bath and sleep while on holiday. There are plenty of comfortable venues out there, research and effort are the two things that will help you find the perfect accommodation. If London is your holiday destination, you can stay at a cheap hotel London, they offer good service and this is the reason to keep coming back again and again.

The venue is situated is a central spot. It is close to the train station and other amenities. The venue caters to people who are there for a short term or, long term stay. They offer friendly and efficient customer service and to both guests on business and those on a social break, as well.

One of the benefits of staying at this place is the use of their Wi-Fi spot, completely free to its guests. So you can still stay connected to the outside world and with people back home via internet and email. You can use the internet for surfing and watching movies. Business people can work online from the internet.

They provide competent and friendly staff who offer twenty four hour customer care, due to the rotation of shifts. Whether you arrive during at midnight or early hours of the morning, there is always an attendant there to assist you and deal with customer queries.

This venue, although comfortable and a pleasure to stay in, is more for people who simply need a place to sleep and plan their activities. The hotel is cheap and provides you with the advantage of affordable accommodation while you are sight seeing and touring London. They do not offer breakfast.

The venue is central to a range of very nice pubs and cafes. These places offer good value for money and are within walking distance of the accommodation. This is another bonus, since the venue does not offer breakfast and it is nice to know that you can take an early morning walk to a cafe for a nice cup of coffee and a nice English breakfast.

Spending a huge amount of money on accommodation is not necessary, especially if you are on a budget. This is the ideal venue and it will save you loads of money. There are those elite few that want to have an luxurious accommodation experience and are a bit more fussy than others. If you have that type of money then, you can go ahead and invest in an expensive venue.

There are plenty of clean, neat and comfortable places to stay while on holiday. They are fully equipped with all the basic things you need to feel at home. Kings Cross hotel London is a budget venue and is designed for guests who simply want to shower and sleep, in between all the other activities they will be engaging in. All you need is research and a little extra effort is the key to finding the ideal accommodation on your next vacation.

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Numerous History Rich Areas Of London That You Should Not Avoid

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The trip you plan for the United Kingdom will be one you and your family never forget. London is an especially enjoyable destination and there are some historical parts of London not to be missed. Reserve your cheap London hotel today and start on an adventure you will want to repeat over and over again.

Most everyone has heard something about the Tower of London. In fact, most schools around the world teach about the significance of the historical events that occurred here. Visiting the Tower will allow you to have an up close and personal view and feeling of this famous place. Consider the feeling you will have knowing that people like Ann Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, and Sir Walter Raleigh walked on the same grounds.

Buckingham Palace is beautiful and the history behind it is astounding and amazing. Constructed in 1705 as a country home, the palace has since grown to tremendous and grand proportions. Visiting the palace is a must for all tourists to this destination. This is especially true for the Changing of the Guard every day at the Palace at eleven in the morning.

Many great activities happen all the time at Hyde Park. A memorial to Princess Diana stands at this park and is a constant reminder to all about the wonderful person she was and the awesome legacy she left behind after her death. Hyde became a park back in the year 1536 when King Henry VIII took it from the monks at Westminster Abbey. Since that time. This area has grown to be quite popular among tourists and locals. King Edward the Confessor started the initial construction of what is known today as Westminster Abbey. In 1050, he decided to build a simple abbey. Today, the Westminster Abbey is the final resting place for over three thousand people. Charles Darwin and Sir Issac Newton are a couple of the famous and influential people buried here. The Nave is grand and the feeling it gives you is awesome as light pours through the stained glass windows.

If you like museums, the Natural History Museum is one attraction you will certainly enjoy. In addition to fantastic exhibits that include dinosaurs and huge mammals, you will also get to see some of the finest architecture in the world. No other museum has as many unusual and unique exhibits to offer its visitors. Nothing speaks of live history like the wax figures at Madame Tussauds Wax museums. Visiting this museum will feel like you have met Adolf Hitler or Marilyn Monroe face to face. The likeness of these statues is eerie and unbelievable. Check out the four Beatles in their prime or other famous rock stars or politicians.

All of these attractions and more can be a part of your next trip destination. Locating a Kings Cross hotel London is easy and many affordable options are available to you online.

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London Map – Using A London Map If You Are A Tourist And Traveling

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If you go to England for the first time, you will have much to see and if you constantly have your face in a London map during the trip, you will miss some of the most amazing sites. The beauty of adventuring to England is really all in the fabulous grass and hilly land so make sure that you don’t stay too absorbed about where you are going and enjoy how you are getting there. Continue reading “London Map – Using A London Map If You Are A Tourist And Traveling” »

Popular Attractions in London

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There are so many Popular Attractions in London that a tourist can venture during his vacation to London. Being a perfect city for sightseeing, London attracts tourists from across the country and abroad. The rich cultural heritage, a great treasure of historical background, architectural marvels, and scenic destinations make London an ideal destination for a great family holiday or a romantic escape for couples also. A tourist has to get hold of a London Pass which is a smartcard that will give him easy access to approximately 55 best London sight seeing spots. Some of the most popular sight seeing spots in London would be St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Pass, The Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Churchill’s War Museum, Kensington Palace, Thames, and Kew Garden etc. Continue reading “Popular Attractions in London” »

London – A Great Tourist Destination

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It’s incredibly hard to sum up London for a tourist. It is not only the capital city of the UK but it is one of the greatest cities in the world.

London is a fabulously hospitable city. It is easily reached by flying in to one of five airports, one right in the heart of the city, the others on the outskirts all served by major and immensely accessible transport links. Once there, getting out and about is no issue; the underground is still one of the world’s premier transport systems and there’s a mass of overland trains too. London buses run regular routes and there’s even an extensive service of night buses that run right through until dawn. Add in Docklands light railway and the famous black cabs and tourist travel is as easy matter. Of course, you could always take advantage of a tour on an open top bus which will introduce you to the major sights. Continue reading “London – A Great Tourist Destination” »