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Miami international airport is located 7 miles of the Miami Beach. It is an interesting city known for luxurious lifestyle and great facilities. Getting to or from Miami international airport can be daunting and challenging especially if you don’t know the available transportation options.

There are several means of transport that are available in the region and they range from taxis, shuttle vans, train, limousines to buses. The charges for all these means of ground transport to the airport vary depending on your destination.

Miami airport taxis are the most prevalent indicates to transport to and from the airport in particular should you don’t want to use your personal means of transport. A lot of travelers prefer taxis than any other indicates of ground transport to Miami port because there are readily available and their charges are also affordable and fit in ones budget.

Depending on the destination, the taxis fares may range from $15 to $45 for most destinations within the city. it is very easy to find these taxis waiting at the Miami taxi stand locations within the city, the Miami beach and others at the rest of south of Florida. Most of these taxis are licensed to operate within the area and you should always ensure that you are travel on a licensed Miami taxicab.

When you are travelling to or from Miami airport you’ll be able to also use shuttle bus service. There is a city bus that gives transport to the airport and it is primarily located on the ground level, outside of Concourse E. Board the J Bus. It’s going to take you about 1 hour or much less to reach the airport based on your destination.

City bus service is one of the cheapest means of ground transport to the Miami airport as it will cost you just $1.50. However, it is may be slow to take buses to the airport but you will save a lot of money in the process.

It is possible to also make use of the train services and still reach the airport from any destination. The tri-train commuter train gives ground transport from the Miami airport to Broward and Palm Beach counties. Additionally, you are able to also connect towards the Tri-Rail airport station by buses which are usually obtainable on 24 hour basis.

You may also rent a auto in the Miami airport and reach your destination safely. You will discover full-service rental vehicle agencies in the location that serve the Miami residents and visitors, if you want to travel around the globe or the city, you are able to check out Miami Travel Center and compare the automobile rental rates and book your favorite vehicle model should you be pleased with the charges.

The excellent news to Miami residents and visitors is that the AirportLink Metrorail Extension is about to be opened and it will undoubtedly be an excellent innovation within the ground transportation sector to Miami International Airport. It is actually a two.4 miles elevated Metrorail extension that can stretch from the existing Earlington Heights Station to the Miami Intermodal Center.

To sum up, if you want to reach the Miami airport, it is best to not be concerned concerning the suitable means of transport; you’ll be able to check out their internet sites or the Miami Travel Center and find out additional concerning the obtainable transport choices and the charges.

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