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The city of Paris, France has a history that stretches back more than 2,000 years. There is enough to see here to last you for the rest of your life. However, many people do want to leave the wonder of Paris and enjoy the French countryside.

When you do get outside of the big city, you can choose to travel in many different ways. Each of them offers various advantages.

If you choose to walk and hike, you will get a great appreciation for the beauty of France as well as its people. There are many trails that are clearly marked. There are what are called long distance paths, intermediate paths and local paths. The three trials are marked by different colored signs. The signs and trails are kept up by the French Federation of Pedestrians. You also can get guidebooks and maps that show you the various routes you can take on you hike in France.

If you want to move along a little faster in France, you can rent a bicycle. French people have loved the bike ever since they were first invented. That is probably why the Tour de France – the most famous bike race on earth – takes place here. Each July for three weeks, the Tour de France goes through the French countryside. Frenchmen and women line up on the roads to cheer their favorite riders.

You can rent a bike in most French train stations. You also are able to carry them with you on the train most of the time.

You also can choose to relax on a slow boat on a French river. In the 19th century, France had canals and rivers that were over 12,000 km in length, the ones that could be easily navigated. These days, commerce requires much faster ways of moving things around, so the rivers and canals are now more for tourists and leisure travelers.

When you travel on the canals and rivers of France, you will see all sorts of amazing sites. Some of these include the Canal du Midi, and also the bridge-canal of Briare. You also will see the amazing inclined plane of Arzwiller. There are many businesses from which you can rent a houseboat or a barge. Even if you do not have much experience with boats, you can handle the slow pace of a slow cruise on a lovely, French canal.

If you want to rent an automobile, you should be pleased to know that the roads of this country are very well managed. The network of roads in France is one of the best in the world. French drivers can be rather aggressive and different than American drivers, so you should be prepared. You also will probably need an international driver’s license, which you can get without any testing if you have a valid American driver’s license.

Of course, you can fly in France if you need to get there fast. You will not usually fly in a plane in France for a lot longer than an hour, as the country is not that large. Air France is the most common carrier.

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